Assured Savings for You

General Home Warranty is focused on building long-lasting relationships with clients and the business community. We work with homebuyers, realtors, lenders, and contractors to help lower home repair costs with warranties.

We are a reliable and stable business that has a network of contractors who will take care of your home warranty service needs quickly.

General home warranty offers a 14-month home warranty that covers systems and appliances in your home.

Average repair or replacement costs without General Home Warranty:

  • Furnace: $310—$3,500
  • Water Heater: $185—$765
  • Air-Conditioning: $450—$4,100
  • Broken Water Pipe: $150—$1,850
  • Oven/Range: $200—$1,400
  • Refrigerator: $300—$2,200
  • Dishwasher: $150—$750
  • Washer/Dryer: $160—$800
  • Electrical: $110—$900

Make the right choice when selecting a warranty company for new homes. Contact us now at (888) 436-7549 for an appointment. Or, purchase a home warranty online now.

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