Assured Savings for You

General Home Warranty specializes in coverage and home inspections that save homeowners money on all types of home repairs. Our home warranty gives 14 months of coverage on everyday items that homeowners insurance doesn't cover, and allows you to get home repairs done quickly. For a competitive price, you receive a home warranty that lowers the cost of appliance, heating, cooling, plumbing, and even roof repairs.

Avoid spending a bundle on home repair services with a warranty from General Home Warranty in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When a breakdown happens in your home, we have a proven track record of making fast home repairs with our network of affiliate contractors. Plus, we are focused on building long-lasting relationships with clients and the business community, working with buyers, lenders, and contractors to help lower home inspection and repair costs.

Why Do You Need a Home Inspection?

Buying a new home can be a stressful process. Regardless of how positive the experience actually is, you still have to unpack and find new places for all your belongings and the sudden realization of being unsettled is stressful. When you turn on the dishwasher and it doesn't function or the furnace does not come on, stress levels go up. Suddenly, there is only one person that they can focus on to blame and that is their agent. The agent may have already lost their opportunity for repeat business or referrals and will now receive bad advertising, and there is nothing worse for their business.

The job of a real estate professional is not just to sell a home. It is to put themselves in a buyer's position and with their inside expertise, help them make a transition with little or no speed bumps.

We highly recommend that all homes bought receive a home inspection. This is the first step toward a positive experience for everyone. The buyer can be prepared for the problems ahead or have the defects fixed before they move into their new home. The strongest agents often do not allow the buyer to decide whether or not they should get an inspection. They state that it is a complete sellers' disclosure and the only way to have an unbiased understanding of the condition of the home.

When you package a quality home inspection with a quality home warranty, the new home experience is that much better.

Make the right choice when selecting a warranty company for new homes. Contact us now at (888) 436-7549 for an appointment. Or, purchase a home warranty online now.

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